Boards, Commissions & Ministries


Steward Board

 Trustee Board 

Stewardess Board 


 Commission on Christian Education 

Commission on Health 

Commission on Mission & Welfare 

Commission on Membership & Evangelism 

 Commission on Public Relations 

Commission on Social Actions 

Commission on Stewardship & Finance Committee 


  Acolyte Ministry 

Cancer Support Group  

Children’s Church 

Christian Education

 Class Leader’s Council 

Culinary Ministry 

 Debutantes and Masters Commission 

Greeter’s Ministry  

Health Ministry

 Intercessory Prayer Ministry 

Lay Organization  

Married Couples Ministry 

Media Ministry 

Music & Christian Arts Ministry 

Public Relations 

Singles Ministry 

Sister to Sister (Women’s Fellowship Ministry) 

Sons of Allen Ministry 

Transportation Ministry 

 Women’s Missionary Society (WMS)

 Usher Board Ministry 

Young’s People Division (YPD)